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here in america. king flat out says he doesn't care if it's politically correct. the main witnesses that we're going to see that he's invited are family members of those inspired to get into terrorism. and also an american muslim that will talk about the culture of his community. t.j., last night, eight democrats on this committee wrote king asking him to cancel the hearing, saying it too narrowly singles out the community. listen to eric holder. >> we don't want to stigmatize, we don't want to alienate entire communities. we need to focus on individuals or groups of individuals, who might band together and who would try to harm american interests or american citizens. that is what this justice department is doing. >> now, i spoke with congressman king last night, he insists he does not want to demonize the muslim-american community. he also said, look if my job is to look for radicalization from al qaeda, where else am i going to look? one of the issues that king says drives him a report that he gets from his friends and law enforcement community at home in new york and around the
be getting worse. >> i'm ali velshi, cnn exclusive. president obama defends america's role in libya and talks about whether he deserved that nobel peace prize. >>> research in motion is going to try to take down the ipad with its own tablet pc. let's get started, "american morning" begins right now. >>> all right. good morning. it is wednesday. >> yesterday we thought we were making some progress in japan. with heard they had restored power to a couple of the reactors, and again this morning. news has taken a turn for the worse. >> black smoke is rising from one of the reactors at daiichi's power plant and dangerous levels of radiation have been discovered in the tap water in tokyo. levels in the tap water there are double the legal limit for infants to drink. tokyo is 150 miles from the crippled daiichi power station. the likely source, of course, of this contamination. residents are being warned not to allow babies to drink tap water. and there are radiation issues with the food in japan, as well. we've been telling you about this. and now the food and drug administration are banning all mi
to court demanding that the nuclear regulatory commission provide a permanent place to store america's waste. there are 104 operating reactors, they're scattered across 65 plants in 31 different states. if you take a look at this map, this gives you a better idea of exactly where this 63 thousand tons of spent fuel, the darker the color of the state, the more radioactive waste that state has, according to the nrc. again, we're talking about 63,000 tons of spent fuel. if you take a look, with the telestrator working, illinois is the state with most, 776 tons. coming in second place is pennsylvania. as we know, pennsylvania, the site of three mile island, the nuclear site that had zadisaste back in the late '80s. and 3,700 tons of spent fuel. pretty much a tie with north carolina and south carolina here. let me show you a map quickly that illustrates what we're talking about when we say spent fuel. these are the spent fuel pools. they're steel-lined concrete pools filled with water like this one. similar to the ones we talked about at japan's fukushima plant that overheated which allow
guard coming up. >>> why america's ever expanding middles could be changing the commute. new rules for bus riders. what now? you're watching "american morning." c s. t adwiwiout food al t >>> 13 minutes past the hour. when we left on friday, we were talking about gadhafi saying there was a cease-fire. clearly a lot changed over the weekend. so today we're updating you on what happened now. three days into operation odyssey dawn as it's called. producing over 120 cruise missile strikes, a bombing came pain from the air leaving moammar gadhafi's military capabilities severely degraded. what is next? and how quickly can the u.s. and its allies accomplish the mission? joining us is james rubin, executive editor of "the bloomberg news." thanks for being with us this morning. not surprising this happened. but the timing's interesting. the president was actually in brazil over the weekend and then he's heading to chile today. what message does that send that the president isn't here while a major assault is taking place on a middle eastern country? >> well, i think there
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. >> it's true that america cannot use our military wherever repression occurs. and given the costs and risks of intervention, we must always measure our interests against the need for action. but that cannot be an argument for never acting on behalf of what's right. of course, there is no question that libya and the world would be better off with gadhafi out of power. i along with many other world leaders have embraced that goal. and will actively pursue it through non-military means. but broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake. >> and to further that point on regime change, the president said "weapon went down that road in iraq." he also said that history is not on gadhafi's side. he says nato will assume full control of the libyan mission wednesday, and the u.s. will play a supporting role, reducing the risk and the cost of the operation. >>> the president's speech was not enough to satisfy some critics on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner said the president's speech failed to provide much clarity. arizona republican senator john mccain
years ago today america was hit with its worst nuclear crisis at three mile island. a valve that got stuck in the open position allowed coolant to escape from the core. small amounts of radiation escaped from the plant, no one was injured, but the accident had a crushing impact on the industry. not one nuclear plant has been built in america since that accident, kiran. >> christine, thanks. >>> and this morning, there are new warnings about dangerous radiation levels around the crippled fukushima daiichi plant in japan. temperatures are rising in one of the reactors and radioactive water is spilling into the ocean. what does it mean for the containment efforts? joining us from atlanta, professor cham dallas at the university of georgia. in fact, he also led expeditions into some of the most contaminated areas of chernobyl. welcome to the program. thanks so much for being with us here this morning. >> good to be here, kiran. >> i'm going to run down some of the latest problems reported out of these reactors. and you can tell me what they mean. first of all, the rise duriing temperatur
-fast performance -- it's everything the tablet should be. [ male announcer ] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front. adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle and pack they produce. so you can make the choice that's right for you. ♪ >>> good morning. beautiful shot in new york city. >> finally the rain stopped, right? >> just in time. the rain did stop, i'm not sure the forecast today. i don't know how the rain is going to work out. but rob marciano will be along a little later this morning to let us know how things will play out. good morning to new york and all places around the country on this "american morning." >>> time for a look at our top stories this morning. robert gates making a surprise trip to afghanistan. he arrived earlier this morning, scheduled to visit u.s. troops and meet with afghan leaders. also hamid karzai said that too many civilians are being killed by nato air strikes. >>> u.s. navy coming to the rescue of a japanese oil tanker under attack by pirates. happened saturday off the coast of oman. a speci
nuclear plants are in america. we have many of them. we want to show you the ones that were listed as perhaps the most vulnerable. number three is the limerick nuclear power plant in pennsylvania, about 21 miles northwest of philadelphia and the deal is here in limerick, pennsylvania, is that basically you have about nearly 8 million people that live within 50 miles of this plant. number two is california, this is the san onofre nuclear power plant. this sits between los angeles and san diego, and there you have almost 9.5 million people living within 50 miles of the plant, a lot of the risk assessment is how big of a population is near there and would have to evacuate if there was a problem and just like the plant facing possible meltdown in japan this sits on an openet coastline near active fault lines, built to withstand a 7.0 magnitude quake. perhaps the most vulnerable plant is indian point energy center in buchanan, new york, westchester county. one of the reasons why is how close it is to the city of new york, just 24 miles north of the city and here you have population cent
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of the muslim community in america. >> right. i have no choice. i have to hold these hearings. these are absolutely essential. what i'm doing is taking the next logical step from what the administration has been saying. eric holder says he lies awake at night worrying about the growing radicalization of this country. people willing to take up arms against their government. i believe that the leadership, too many leaders in the muslim community do not face up to that reality. and a number of too many cases are not cooperative and not willing to speak out and condemn this type of radicalization going on. >> there are lots of law enforcement officials who tell us at cnn that they have very good cooperation with the muslim community and that they have helped in many investigations. >> i would like to know where they are. and the reason i say that is i listen to this too. when they talk about the good community relations and how they have these meetings. i can tell you in new york,which is the epicenter, we're in the eye of the storm when it comes to terrorism. there's been virtual
's offering condolences and pledging america's assistance. >> japan is always is a very generous donor to any disaster anywhere in the world. and today the world comes together to support japan in its hour of need. >> japan's foreign minister told secretary clinton that his government and the japanese people are grateful for the assistance. >>> no surprise that the japanese stock market plunged again. at one point the nikkei down 14%. u.s. stocks could fall sharply today. carmen wong-ulrich joins us right now. futures are pointing down. this is a human and an economic disaster. and no surprise, i guess, the stock markets are reacting like this. >> not really. all the markets in asia, all the markets down in asia. and especially, japan's markets. the nikkei closed down 10.2% while the tokyo price index fell 9.5%. and these are the market's largest percentage fall since october 2008 and the third largest on record. now, the losses were reflected across all across the asian markets. there's a selloff in commodities. gold, silver, and platinum. gold is usually a place, a haven where people go in
of benghazi. they don't want our help on the ground, but they plan to formally ask america to declare libya a no-fly zone and assist with air strikes and weapons. right now, the obama administration is considering cutting all diplomat ties with libya, but there's a lot of resistance to lending military assistance to the anti-gadhafi forces. meanwhile, the united nations has booted libya off the human rights council. >> and moammar gadhafi appears to be launching an offensive against rebel-held cities. ben wedeman joins us from the eastern city of benghazi this morning. and sort of just paint the picture for our viewers this morning. what's the latest? what's going on with this offensive? >> reporter: what we understand from witnesses living in this area is that there was an attempt by forces loyal to moammar gadhafi to retake the town. and it's their very large refinery and natural processing plant. we've been told that gadhafi forces briefly had control of the city, but were subsequently driven out by local forces, which are fairly disorganized, but they're obviously very eager to put up a
the path for freedom is still long. he says america wants a democracy that allows arabs to always be weak next to israel. >>> there's new developments this morning in the labor standoff in wisconsin. a judge has banned protesters from sleeping in the state capitol building. the order gives authorities the right to forcibly remove them if they disobey. they did not disobey. they can resume daytime business hours to protest the capitol. police are citing security surgeons after finding 41 rounds of hollow-point rifle ammunition outside the capitol building. they are looking for more ammunition this morning and also the person it might belong to. >>> and if those 14 democratic senators in wisconsin don't come back to work, governor scott walker says 1,500 layoff notices will be sent to public workers this weekend. walker says those layoffs could take effect on april 1st. the senators left the state last month to stall a vote on the governor's budget bill. a resolution in the state senate was passed earlier in the week. finding those senators, the democratic senators who are not at work $100
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to america? >> we will undoubtedly at some point measure very, very low levels of radiation from the japanese disaster somewhere on american soil. and the punch line there is that whenever dust gets into the atmosphere, it eventually makes its way all around the world. so if it's a volcano in the philippines or a nuclear disaster in chernobyl or an atomic test in the middle of the pacific, that radioactivity will be detectable. but we have to remember that our instrumentation is exquisitely sensitive and can measure radiation that has no consequence to human health or the individual medical situation of a person. >> all right. well, hopefully that will calm some concerns out there. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for the opportunity. >>> cnn's anderson cooper is in japan right now. he's going to have the latest tonight on "ac 360" live at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. if you want to help in japan, we've made it easy. find out what you can do by going to the impact your world page at >>> now the spotlight is on safety. and lawmakers are cracking down on disc
the military prison within one year, promising to return america to the "moral high ground in the war on terrorism." the president said the administration remains committed, though, to shutting down gitmo. we will be talking about this exactly what it means with jeffrey toobin. >>> also, the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway is now admitting to killing another woman in peru. dutchman joran van der sloot was accused of killing a woman in a hotel room there in lima last year. his lawyers now say he'll claim temporary insanity. he's going to use something called the violent emotion defense. that would be the equivalent to manslaughter in the u.s. he would get a five-year prison sentence for that instead of the 15-year minimum prison sentence for first-degree murder. he, of course, you remember the prime suspect in american natalee holloway's disappearance in aruba back in 2005. but he was never charged in that case. >>> and with heavy hearts, michigan's basketball team took to the court days after the tragic death of their star player. fenville won last night's tourn
. >>> the coronation for "the king's speech" has also been a victory for the stuttering foundation of america. it has received a lot more media attention and seen an 80% increase in donations. the group's president says the movie is like "rain man" for the stuttering world. it chronicles the struggle of britain's king george vi to overcome his stammer at the outset of world war ii. >>> five members of congress took on the ibm supercomputer, the one that beat two of "jeopardy's" champions. watson put everyone away, though, in the double jeopardy round. the event was meant to showcase how an advanced computer one day could replace all of our congressmen. >> i wouldn't enter into that contest. hey, ali, why don't you go up against watson to anchor a show better. i'd say i'm sick that day. >> no need to give watson an in. >> he's already making a lot of in roads. >>> an arizona high school teacher is being fired, not for anything she did in class, but over a bumper sticker on her car. check this out. it says have you drugged your kid today? she says it's a criticism of the tendency to overmedicate hypera
to tell us about crazy snow we've had across america and unusually low tides. jacque, take it away. >> good morning, guys. yeah, the snow finally pulling out of the northeast. you guys are looking for a much drier day. but focusing on the upper midwest for the threat of snow. and it's going to be heavy. and it's not good news, actually, because we have a high potential of flooding here and add another foot of snow on top of that and you know it's going to melt off in the coming weeks and that's going to be big trouble. at this hour, the i-94 corridor is where we're seeing the worst of the travel conditions today. it's going to be slow-going with rain and then even some snow and sleet mixing in. north of there is where we expect to see the heavier accumulations. and we've got winter storm warnings in effect and even a blizzard warning in effect for parts of the arrowhead of minnesota, including duluth, talking 10 to 16 inches and winds will be picking up late today gusting around 45 miles per hour or so, and it's going to be terrible for you travelers. and this is really the big sto
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22